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W.D. Matthews offers the full line of ePickers

The ePicker Line

W.D. Matthews is happy to present the ePicker line of material handling equipment. With ePickers fleet of stackers, pallet jacks and access vehicles, W.D. Matthews is sure to have the right equipment to fill all of your material handling needs at a price you can afford.

Lithium-Ion Powered Pallet Jack



The ePicker Lithium Pallet Jack (EPT12L) is a new product created to help you work safe, and work smart.  If you have personnel moving 1500 pounds 100 feet or more with a manual pallet jack, they may be exposing themselves to serious injury. With this powered solution available at just half the cost of other powered machines, the Lithium Pallet Jack is an extraordinary value.  The unique easy exchange battery system on the ePicker Lithium Pallet Jack (EPT12L)functions much like a common cordless hand tool. The standard battery included can deliver three hours of continuous use and can be charged in 1.5 hours.   

Electric Walkie Straddle Stacker

ES10-62 / 96 / 116 / ES15-128

$8266.00 – $10,405.00*

Of all the types of equipment you can use to move or lift pallets, the ePicker Walkie Straddle Stackers deliver the most capability per dollar.  Available in capacities of 2,500, 3000 and 4000 pounds, ePicker straddle stackers can lift pallets as high as 177 inches while operating adjust half a cost of a comparable sit-down forklift.  The ePicker straddle stackers weigh just half of what they can lift, reducing both wear and tear on components and danger to personnel in the area of operation.  

Electric Forkover Stacker



The ePicker Forkover Stackers are designed to economically transport and lift pallets or skids in the tightest area possible.  The ES10-62R is a Class 3 stacker, an economical mobile work platform designed to maneuver in very narrow and low-height aisles and workspaces, allowing it to operate in manufacturing areas less than seven feet tall. With its exceptional line-of-sight for operators, the ES10-62R features include accessible operator controls designed to allow easy operation with either hand. 

Electric Access Vehicle



The ePicker JX0-118 Electric Access Vehicle is a compact and flexible solution for environments looking to replace ladders and improve productivity. With a carrying capacity of over 200 lbs. on the powered front load tray,  the ePicker JX0-118 is ideal for warehouse use, eCommerce, retail operations, and other industrial and commercial applications.

* Limited stock available and pricing may change without notice.