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We have high quality, reliable forklifts from Toyota, Clark, and Doosan for a variety of applications and budgets, with capacities ranging from 2,000 to over 70,000 pound loads. Whether you need quad-stage masts, manual pallet jacks, or narrow aisle forklifts. All rental forklifts are available for either short or long term rental–– up to 60 months! Each comes with the constant guarantee that our superior equipment and service capabilities give you the uptime you’re looking for.

A worker uses a forklift to transport heavy metal sheeting in a warehouse setting

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We have these forklifts or comparable options available to rent. Need something else you’re not seeing below?
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Toyota 8FD45U Forklift

Length: 115.2 – 124.0in
Width: 53.1 – 57.1in
Height: 87.0 – 90.6in

Toyota 8FDU32 Forklift

Length: 89.6 – 110.2in
Width: 42.1 – 48.8in
Height: 81.9 – 85.5in

Toyota 8FBE18U Forklift

Length: 75.0in
Width: 42.3in
Height: 77.9in

Toyota 8FGU15 Forklift

Length: 89.6 – 110.2in
Width: 42.1 – 48.8in
Height: 81.9 – 85.5in

Toyota Box Car Special Forklift

Length: 95.5 – 106.3in
Width: 50 – 55.9in
Height: 83.5in

Toyota Stand-Up Rider Forklift

Length: 68.5in
Width: 88in
Height: 41.5in

Toyota Core IC Cushion Forklift

Length: 82.3 – 98.6in
Width: 37.2 – 43.7in
Height: 80.1 – 80.7in

Toyota THD-3600S 24

Length: 165.4 – 218.8in
Width: 91.9 – 119.9in
Height: 115 – 136.4in

Toyota THD 3600-48

Length: 211in
Width: 103in
Height: 150in

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