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Time to Replace Your Loading Dock Equipment?

Is it time to upgrade or replace your loading dock equipment? 

Do you have damaged loading dock seals or bumpers?

W.D. Matthews Machinery Co. can assist you with replacement, new installations, or service of your existing dock equipment.

Damaged Dock Bumpers can allow trailers to make contact with your building.

Replacing your old Door Seal or adding a new seal, will close the gaps around the trailer.  This will achieve maximum environmental control at your dock.  Sealing the gaps also prohibits outside elements like rodents, bugs, rain, wind, dust and other pests from entering your facility.  Each little gap you see around a parked trailer at the dock is costing you money each and every day.  The heating and air conditioning which escapes can cost you hundreds of dollars per year per dock position.

Outdated Dock Plates or Levelers may need to be upgraded.  Are your current plates or levelers lift as being driven over?  Does the top deck have any bending or warping?  Are any welds or springs beginning to show signs of wear?  If yes, you may need to upgrade your equipment.

We also offer door track and column protectors, safety bollards, dock lighting, warehouse mirrors, safety signs and wheel chocks.