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PVC vs Plexiglass what makes the best Sneeze Guard?

Many businesses are probably looking at different ways to take extra precaution on safety to adjust to current guidelines. One of these guidelines includes keeping 6 feet of distance between personnel at all times. Sometimes staying 6 feet apart is not practical for all businesses to operate properly. In those instances, the CDC has recommended installing safety partitions or plexiglass sneeze guards to separate individuals in tighter spaces. There are many reasons that plexiglass or acrylic partitions are NOT the solution. Installing clear PVC curtain safety partitions are the better and safer option. 

Here are 5 reasons why PVC is a better option than plexiglass when choosing sneeze guards:

1. PVC won’t crack or splinter into sharp pieces if damaged, keeping employees & customers safe from injury.

PVC is a flexible clear material which our Personal Safety Partitions feature. These can be hung from the ceiling or free-standing using an aluminum frame. Plexiglass or acrylic sneeze guards often crack and splinter if drilled into, knocked over, or damaged. This can cause injury to employees and customers if not replaced or handled properly. To avoid this, use PVC instead of plexiglass.

2. 50-75% lighter than plexiglass sneeze guards, making them easier to set up & move, and reduces freight costs.

Being 20% lighter material than plexiglass sneeze guards, PVC partitions are easily and quickly installed in large areas. No additional labor required. Some spaces may call for a large Portable Personal Safety Partition that needs to be moved frequently throughout a business. Having a lighter material makes moving a 72W x 96H partition no problem!

3. PVC is antimicrobial, typically used in food processing facilities for its easy sanitation.

Sanitation measures are the whole reason you want to install a partition in the first place. So, choosing a material that is already antimicrobial only makes sense. PVC is used in food processing facilities where sanitation is top priority. Acrylic sneeze guards are not suitable for the food industry. Therefore, having PVC that is antimicrobial will kill or slow the spread of bacteria and viruses on the surface of your safety partitions.

4. The material is NFPA-701 and California Fire Marshal rated for flame retardancy.

When fulfilling safety guidelines, make sure your product also meets other standards. Unlike plexiglass sneeze guards, our PVC safety partitions are NFPA-701 and California State Fire Marshal rated for flame retardancy. This will give you peace of mind when installing new safety measures in your facility.

5. PVC partitions ship pre-assembled to simplify setup. Also easily rolled up for efficient storage.

There’s nothing worse than ordering a new product and finding out you have no idea how to put it together. Our PVC Personal Safety Partitions arrive fully assembled and ready to protect your employees and customers. Hanging partitions easily roll up for efficient storage if need be. Acrylic sneeze guards always remain stiff and inflexible making storage difficult. PVC allows for flexible usage and the ability to change locations in your facility easy.

Installing clear PVC safety partitions over the option of plexiglass sneeze guards will make your implementation of safety precautions much easier. Meet CDC guidelines and protect your employees and customers with Personal Safety Partitions. We offer several sizes for hanging applications and several for portable free-standing needs.