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The Right Forklift Tires For Your Application


Pneumatic vs. Cushion

An often overlooked option many may not consider when investing in a new forklift are the tires. Pneumatic vs. Cushion. Which is the best? It’s not always about which is best, but which is best for your application. Tires are designed for specific applications.


There are two types of pneumatic tires for forklifts. Solid pneumatic which is made of solid rubber and air pneumatic tires which are filled with air and are similar to a car or truck tire. These tires are well suited for outside applications such as lumber yards, construction sites, and warehousing that operates indoor and outdoor. They offer high performance, traction, and versatility. Solid pneumatic tires are great for industries such as recycling and construction sites which may be prone to sharp objects on the ground and are best of all, puncture proof.


A cushion tire is also made of solid rubber but are better suited for indoor applications and loading docks. These tires are cheaper and maintenance is easier but the trade off is less traction outside in rougher terrain. Many cushion tires are found on electric forklifts that operate inside or warehousing that has minimal outside operations. Cushion tires are best suited for any smooth surface and offer a better handling in tighter spaces.

All applications are different and choosing the best tire is important in getting the right tire installed right at the factory so it’s ready to work on day one of the delivery of your new forklift.