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Forklift Truck Scales

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iForks Compatible with Most Brands

  • Li-ion battery packs
  • Easy fit for fork positioners
  • Bluetooth
  • Mast tilt compensation

Add versatility to your forklift trucks from the wide selection of RAVAS iForks. The world’s first and most complete wireless forklift weighing fork sets. They can be quickly mounted on any forklift and immediately improve the efficiency of your logistics process.

The ideal thing about the iForks 
iForks improve cross-docking, weighing incoming and outgoing goods, and safely loading and unloading containers. Installation on all makes of forklift trucks (new and used) is quick and effortless. How is that possible? The weighing system’s components are fully integrated into the forks, eliminating the need for additional cabling.

Seamless operation
The weight captured by the iForks is displayed on an indicator positioned in the forklift truck’s cabin. That information is then sent wirelessly via Bluetooth to your WMS. So, real-time data is provided in one simple step. The iForks are an intelligently designed product. Over the years, RAVAS has continued to improve the technology of the iForks so that we can meet the specific and changing needs of the logistics industry.