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Custom Warehouse Projects

Can We Build it? Yes We Can!

Refurbished Dock Cushions

This is an image of a recent project we completed. We replaced the old dented corrugated siding and replaced it with flat galvanized panels. Where it might have been acceptable to just replace the new seals, we felt it was in the customers best interest to build the best possible base on which to place the new seals.

After removing and replacing the siding, we then installed new customer dock seals saving energy and keeping the employees warm and dry in even the worst weather conditions.

Custom Ramps

Our Customer had already ordered another stock ramp from another supplier. When he told us what he had done, we asked him to give us a chance to fill his needs. The ramp we engineered and built in our fab shop not only was a better fit than the stock one they ordered, we also saved them a significant amount of money and production time.

Custom Built and Engineered Mezzanine

Here is an example of a customer built mezzanine which was built to fit the space that existed. This was engineered and built from scratch so it is the best possible utilization of available space saving the customer thousands of dollars over a stock mezzanine structure.

If your warehouse is growing short of space, ask yourself if it may be time to build up rather than out.

If you are running out of space or have items that are worn out and tired. Give us a call to see what customer options we can provide for you. In most cases, custom will cost you less and will you will be up and utilizing your project sooner.