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Forklift Tip Over Safety Tips

Forklifts are a great piece of equipment to have in nearly any business. With numerous attachments and capacities the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, accidents do occur and knowing what to do can and does save lives every year. 

The number one reason people get hurt or killed every year in forklift accidents is because they are not wearing a seat belt. No matter how far you plan to drive or what the circumstance is, ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT!

Best practices from the OSHA website state the following:

For tip-overs on sit-down counterbalanced trucks:

  • Don’t jump. Stay in the forklift.
  • Hold tight to the steering wheel.
  • Brace feet.
  • Lean AWAY from the impact.
  • Lean forward.

For more forklift safety and best practices, check out the provided OSHA link.

OSHA Forklift Safety