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Modula Lift Vertical Storage Systems



Recover space, increase productivity, improve ergonomics and flexibility 

Modula Vertical Lift Modules are the ideal solution to recover space on your shop floor or distribution
area, while improving the efficiency, speed and accuracy of your picking operations.
Twenty years of experience and continuous research have produced a highly technical product in
which safety and design are the main focus.


Internal or External Bay, Single or Dual Delivery

The internal bay is the ideal solution when space is at a premium. The external bay offers the best possible ergonomic workspace for operators. It can provide further benefits when used in combination with picking aids such as cranes and mechanical manipulators to lift heavy items stored within trays. Single delivery level is ideal when the machine will be used moderately, or when the picking time is quick. Dual delivery is the ideal configuration for a fast-paced picking operation.


  • Unit heights: from 10’-10” (3,300 mm) to 46’-3” (14,100 mm)
  • Unit height increments of: 7.87” (200 mm)
  • Tray storage adjustability: 1.0” (25 mm)
  • Tray widths: from 74.80” (1,900 mm) to 161.41” (4,100 mm)
  • Tray depths: 25.75” (654 mm) & 33.74” (857 mm)
  • Maximum product heights up to: 27.36” (695 mm)
  • Net tray payload capacities: 551 lbs (250 kg), 1,102 lbs (500 kg) , 1,653 lbs (750 kg) & 2,182 lbs (990 kg)
  • Gross unit load capacity: up to 154,000 lbs (70,000 kg)
  • Throughput: up to 120 trays/hr. (depending on the unit’s configuration)
  • Operator interface: rugged 10.4” color touchscreen operator control console
  • Number of bays: up to 3/internal or external, single or dual tray delivery
  • Minimal energy consumption: 4 Hp/3kW vertical axis motor
  • Automatic tray weight measurement each time a tray is returned
  • Dynamic storage of trays depending on the specific height
  • Galvanized steel internal frame structure
  • Vertical axis lifting design driven by 2 steel reinforced toothed belts
  • Extractor’s vertical lifting system is guided with 6 HDPE rollers for each side of the elevator