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Bolzoni Auramo Bale Clamp for sale in ME, NH, MA



Bail clamps from Bolzoni Auramo offer the user a broad range of options for their manufacturing needs.

  • Commonly used for handling pulp bales in the paper industry, as well as for bales of cotton, wool, tobacco, fabrics and other baled materials.
  • High tensile aluminum profile.
  • Check and pressure adjustment valve.
  • Excellent visibility.
  • The valve and the cylinder rods are protected in every opening position.
  • Reduced weight, effective thickness and center of gravity.


  • Lifting Range from 2,500 - 7,000 Lbs.
  • Class II and III Mounting Options


Bale Clamp, sideshifting - Model LC-G
MODELCapacity @ 24" Load centerMounting ClassFrame widthOpening Range in to inOpening Range in to inArm dimensionsArm dimensionsArm dimensionsArm dimensionsMin. carriage widthHeightWeightEffective ThicknessHorizontal load centerVertical load centerArms toe-inGround clearance
LC 14 G4A2,500II36.6"22.8"71.5"15.7"39.4"1.1"1.8"27.1"28.1"8604.6"10.4"9.1"1.0"0.6"
LC 22 G4A4,000II38.1"25.1"77.5"15.7"39.4"1.1"1.8"27.1"28.4"9925.5"9.9"9.2"1.0"0.7"
LC 22 G6A4,000II38.1"25.1"77.5"15.7"47.2"1.1"1.8"27.1"28.4"1,0505.5"11.9"8.9"1.2"0.7"
LC 32 G8B-55.9W7,000III55.9"25.2"93.3"17.7"59.0"1.7"2.9"37.5"35.7"2,2006.7"14.3"11.1"1.0"0.9"
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