Cascade Push/Pull for Sale in ME, NH, MA



  • High visibility pantograph, gripper jaw and faceplate
  • Full bottom taper/adjustable platens
  • 4° tilting faceplate
  • Chamfered platen corners and gripper jaw design protects the slipsheet
  • High strength, rigid pantograph for safe load packing
  • T-1 steel platens
  • Protected hydraulics
  • “Cushion” cylinders reduce operating noise
  • Simplified hydraulic circuit
  • Sideshift J-plate is automatically engaged when the push/pull is set on the truck carriage
  • No false carriage is required on quick disconnect models
  • Sideshift feature provides 4 inches (100mm) of sideshift in each direction


  • Options: Quick Disconnect Mounting allows the Sideshifter to be removed from the truck carriage without tools. Pallet Protectors prevent damage to the top deck boards of pallets. Hydraulic Component Guards protect lift truck and Sideshifter hydraulics. Bronze Upper Bearings & Lower Hooks can be used to increase durability in highly abrasive and contaminated environments. Fork Positioner Conversion can be done quickly and easily with all F-Series Sideshifters, giving you the ability to turn your Sideshifter into a Fork Positioner with only 9 bolts.
  • Brand: Cascade