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“MONSTER” Toyota THD Container Handler

The delivery of this specialized MONSTER machine was no ordinary delivery. Five trucks were needed to deliver this mammoth machine to one of our great customers in Portland Maine. With a great support crew and many months of planning, delivery was finally taken and assembly began. Along with a couple of talented and Toyota certified […]

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Common Forklift Replacement Parts

  Like any piece of equipment that you operate, forklift parts will need replaced throughout the lifetime of your ownership. And parts replacement can get complicated, especially when specific procedures like periodic checks don’t occur or when cheap parts fail, causing downtime. While we advise that you always use Toyota Genuine Parts for replacement on […]

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New Tech

Modula Lift, the solution. W.D. Matthews, the partner

W.D. Matthews Machinery is pleased to announce that we are now exclusive regional partners with Modula Inc. in offering their advanced storage and retrieval products. We’re incredibly excited by this technology and are focused on helping our customers achieve even higher levels of productivity and efficiency by utilizing systems such as the Modula Vertical Lift […]

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Forklift Pedestrian Safety

Of all warehouse accidents, the most horrifying one frequently involves pedestrians.  According to OSHA Estimates, each forklift in your facility has a 1 in 10 chance of being involved in some sort of an accident this year.  As we all know, accidents can have any number of root causes, but it’s up to you as […]

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