Meeting customer demands requires more than just industry leading products and service. You need to ensure that your fleet is running at peak performance to meet your business goals. Actionable data, fleet insights, and consultative analysis can help elevate your business to new heights.
Introducing MyInsights through Toyota- now standard on nearly all Toyota Forklifts after January of 2024.* Toyota is the only manufacturer to offer standard telematics. Ease of enablement, key fleet insights and a seamless integration through MyToyota, allows you to analyze material handling performance at your fingertips. All this just for being a Toyota customer.


  • Hardware now standard on nearly all Toyota Forklifts
  • Optimize your fleet, track vehicle usage, and more
  • Receive actionable insights to manage fleet
  • Coming Soon- Expand the standard experience with a variety of packages to best suit your needs
  • Location Features, Operational Checklists, Operator Access and more


  • Error Codes – gain insight into equipment errors and maintenance issues that may require service
  • Location – know your equipment’s last known location Impact Detection – visibility to impact
  • that may
  • indicate equipment or facility damage


  • Standup Rider
  • 3-Wheen Electric
  • Order Picker
  • Core Electric
  • Core IC Cushion / Pneumatic
  • Reach Truck
  • Mid/Large IC Pneumatic