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Toyota Stand-Up Rider Forklift


The unique dock-to-stock capability of the Toyota Stand Up Rider Forklift makes it top of its class and one of the most versatile forklifts in Toyota’s product line. With the ability to navigate narrow aisles, the Toyota Stand Up Rider Forklift is an asset to any material handling job.


  • Navigation in 10′ aisles
  • Up to 4,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • Up to 23′ Lift height
  • Dock-To-Stock Solution
  • AC-Powered


  • T-Matics Vehicle Management System: Vehicle management system that tracks impacts, utilization and maintenance schedules.
  • LED Operator Compartment Light: Provides adjustable LED operator compartment light mounted to overhead guard.
  • Galvanized Chassis: Suited for customers who move materials in and out of: cold storage facilities; chemical and salt and brine industries; or in areas where frequent wash down is required to remove contaminants.



Overall Length68.5 in
Overall Width88 in
Overall Height41.5 in
See the manufacturer's website for additional specs.