30 Day Service Warranty

W.D. Matthews Machinery Company warrants that all work has been completed in a substantial and workmanlike manner according to standard industry practices.  This warranty will be in effect for a period of thirty (30) days from the completion of any services.  As the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy, and W.D. Matthews Machinery Co.’s entire liability, for any breach of the foregoing warranty, the company will, at its sole option and expense, promptly re-perform any services that fail to meet this limited warranty or refund to Client the fees paid for the non-conforming Services.  W.D. Matthews Machinery’s service warranty is conditioned on operation and use of serviced equipment in accordance with the manufacturer specified operating procedures and limitations.  Any use of the equipment after service, outside the manufacturer specified operating procedures and limitations, voids the W.D. Matthews Machinery Company service warranty.  Listed rates will be charged in all services unless otherwise negotiated.  Any alteration or deviation from normal specifications involving extra costs will be executed upon request and will become an extra charge over and above the normal scope of work.  Work delays are the responsibility of the customer unless guaranteed in writing by an authorized employee of W.D. Matthews Machinery Company.