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Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing & Distribution Company Warehouse Supplies

As a leading provider of warehousing equipment in New England, WD Matthews provides industrial solutions for a number of different companies including storage and distribution facilities. For warehouse docking equipment, dust and temperature control products, modular space solutions or general warehouse equipment including ladders, conveyors, hand trucks WD Matthews is the industry’s leading full-service material handling and construction equipment dealership.

W.D. Matthews Machinery Company offers a wide array of dock equipment to better safely and effectively handle distributing products for your warehouse. Dock lights, levelers and seals are among a few of the products we offer to help you get your job done.
W.D. Matthews Machinery Company understands the importance of controlling the cleanliness and temperature of your warehouse. Air, wall and vinyl strip curtains are only some of the products we offer for controlling your environment to ensure safe working conditions and product quality control.
If you own & operate a warehouse as part of your Warehousing or Distribution business, WD Matthews offers a variety of modular space and partitioning solutions to setup barriers, secure and store valuable goods, designate separate office spaces within your warehouse and aid in cross-contamination issues.
If you own and operate a warehouse as part of your business, WD Matthews carries all the general warehousing products your business needs to operate more efficiently and more speedily. If you operate within the distribution industry, WD Mattthews carries all the general warehousing products you may need such as rolling ladders, hand trucks, conveyors and organizational products to help you with picking and moving of parts, pieces and more.