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Food Processing

Warehouse Equipment & Industrial Supplies

Food Processing Warehouse Supplies 

WD Matthews is a choice Warehouse Equipment & Solution dealer in New England. For Food Processing, Produce & Dairy companies WD Matthews can provide a tailored solution to help you optimize space, control temperatures and move product through your warehouse. View our product offerings on our site including dust & temperature control equipment, racks & shelving equipment or other warehouse safety products

Dust & Temperature Control

W.D. Matthews Machinery Company understands the importance of controlling the cleanliness and temperature of your food processing warehouse. Air, wall and vinyl strip curtains are only some of the products we offer for controlling the environment of your warehouse.

Racks & Shelving

To better meet your storage needs, W.D. Matthews Machinery Company offers a number of rack and shelving solutions to meet the needs to your food processing warehouse. We offer racks and shelves specifically suited to your produce and dairy pallets for convenient storage and access.

Safety Products

Regardless of the business you run, safety is always a concern and consideration when building and managing your warehouse. W.D. Mathews Machinery Company supplies a number of safety solutions. Back supports for employees who lift heavy crates, spill containment for inevitable accidents and other safety and hazard disposal products are available.

Docking Equipment

W.D. Matthews Machinery Company offers a wide array of dock equipment to better safely and effectively handle shipping and receiving for your food processing warehouse. Dock lights, levelers and seals are among a few of the products we offer to help you get your job done.