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Farm & Agricultural Company Warehouse Supplies

If your business uses a warehouse for farming or agricultural products or inventory storage, WD Matthews has a variety of warehousing products and solutions that can help your company optimize space and efficiency while improving safety at the workplace. For forklift attachments, weight & measure control units, pallet jacks or other general warehouse equipment your business may need, WD Matthews is a choice supplier. View our product offerings on our site.

Whether you need to attach a hopper and dumping system to your forklift or straps for transporting barrels, buckets or other containers, W.D. Matthews Machinery Company is sure to have the right forklift attachment for your farms and agriculture warehouse. We offer a wide variety of forklift attachments so you can safely and suitably adapt your forklift to your needs.
Proper weight and measurement of your products are important parts of your farm and agriculture warehouse. W.D. Matthews Machinery Company offers a variety of bench, forklift and floor scales to help you accomplish the task at hand.
W.D. Matthews Machinery Company has a large selection of pallet jacks available for handling your farms and agriculture warehouse business. We offer a variety of both electrical and manually operated pallet jacks to safely haul, lift and transport your products. Ranging in capacity of handling weight, we are certain we have the right pallet jack for your job, big or small.
If you own and operate a warehouse as part of your business, WD Matthews carries all the general warehousing products your business needs to operate more efficiently and more speedily. If you operate within the Farm & Agricultural industry, WD Mattthews carries all the general warehousing products you may need such as rolling ladders, hand trucks, conveyors and organizational products to help you with picking and moving of parts, pieces and more.