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Forklift Safety Month Doesn’t End in June

We celebrate National Forklift Safety Day in June to bring attention to the topic of forklift safety, but forklift safety must be practiced year round! Toyota’s T-Matics system can offer the help you need to continue the trend of forklift safety throughout the year.

What exactly does T-Matics offer your operations?

If you ask yourself….

“Who” is operating the lifts?
“What” is the fleet being used for?
“Where” are the cost reduction opportunities?
“When” should I schedule maintenance of my fleet?
“Why” are operators taking certain actions?

Can you answer all of these questions?

T-Matics can provide these answers!

This data will help you:

  • Monitor operators and identify those that  may need additional supervision or refresher training 
  • Optimize forklift traffic during a particular day or time
  • Adjust rack placement to improve work flow
  • Show trends than can lead to meaningful change in your facility
  • Track when upcoming maintenance is due
  • Reduce risk of maintenance issues developing into safety risks

T-Matics data can help you build a culture of safety throughout the year by sending tailored reports to your team daily, weekly, or monthly at any time via e-mail. 

This can:

  • facilitate and refine internal processes
  • help streamline and define expectations of operators and corresponding management teams
  • increase operator productivity
  • and most importantly increase safety and caution around your facility!